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Rusirani Village Jaipur Address: Rusirani village, Near Abhaneri Stepwell, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 303301, India

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Nothing beats embracing the resonating beauty of an era gone by, the rich culture, a heritage we proudly call our own. And, if you enjoy cultural excursions, Rusirani village in Jaipur is a must-visit tourist attraction. So, turn back the sands of time and disconnect from the tentacles of technology to live more opulently in the aura of Rajasthan's rich culture. Learn to create Rajasthani specialties or simply enjoy a good talk with the locals.

Rusirani Village is a small village located 90 kilometres from Jaipur and is close to Sariska National Park in the Aravali range. It is unheard of and unexplored by tourism or even humans. As a result, the town serves as a time capsule preserving ancient heritage and early-civilization-like lifestyle. It is well-known for its friendly community and authentic representation of Indian culture, which is still alive and well.

#Trivia: It is an approximately 2000-year-old settlement.

History of Rusirani Village

Rusirani village is the village where the 'Pandavas' resided before the 'Mahabharata' war and built several temples (stepwells and palaces) to worship Lord 'Shiva' to get his favor and success in the 'Mahabharata' conflict. These temples are still in ruins today. However, one of the temples is better than the others since it underwent restoration many times.

About Rusirani Village

Rusirani village is a place where you can disconnect from the chaotic world and walk the lanes of the village in peace and calm.

The Rusirani community grew in popularity after becoming one of Rajasthan's most revered places. All thanks to the non-profit organization, INSPIRE. This NGO founded by young people recognized the potential of rural tourism in the village. That's because, unlike the glitzy cities and towns of Rajasthan, this small village had something unique to offer visitors who came to India to learn about the country's culture. And the concept grew!

The NGO collaborated with the residents to bring wealth to the village and provide higher education for the girls of this hamlet. As a result, they are now working on the village's infrastructure and installing solar panels, which is incredible. So, if you're a sucker for new experiences, be sure to include this destination if you are on the Golden Triangle itinerary.

Rusirani is a perfect amalgamation of history and rural tourism. In the village, there are numerous historical ruins to see. Be one of the first few visitors to see Rajasthan's legacy through a town rather than a city. Rusirani is famous for its ancient and pristine heritage. Imagine how many strange facts you'll discover if you pay a visit here. Another advantage is the opportunity to study early Indian culture. Rusirani village collaborates with the village's numerous committees as every person in the village contributes to learning and educating tourists about their culture.

Furthermore, these people welcome you with open arms into their houses, which is not something you see every day. It's a genuine cultural experience that stays true to its roots on every level. It is not unique, but it is distinct, which is why people enjoy it. It is authentic, essential, minimalistic, and enjoyable.

The warm grins of the residents greet you as soon as you enter the village. These warm-hearted people will welcome you into their homes and hearts. They will pose for your cameras, laugh and giggle, and try to interact with you. So take a delightful tour of the Rusirani village in Jaipur and enjoy a refreshing drink to take your mind off your long journey.

Location of Rusirani Village

The Rusirani village is located near Abhaneri Stepwell in the Jaipur district.

Entry Fee and Timings of Rusirani Village

There is no entry fee to visit the village and you can visit it any time.

Best Time to visit Rusirani Village

Rusirani Village, like every other location in Rajasthan, is best enjoyed between September and November. When visiting the village, aim to arrive by 12:00 noon or 1:00 pm to make the most of your time there. The later you depart from Jaipur, the more you will miss, so leave early.

A unique process of hosting tourists

Every day, each family in this community holds a single guest. When the guests arrive, they greet them in traditional Rajasthani style and give cool welcome beverages. The tourists are then free to explore the area while the host family prepares a nutritious supper. Elders of the village also join the tourists in their trip and wholeheartedly interact with the cultural buff providing them all the knowledge they need.

Once the tourists have spent enough time in the company of these kind people, they can see the area's famed ruins.

Things to Do in Rusirani Village

Once you're in their homes, it appears that doing whatever you want is the best way to go. You can join the ladies for a cooking lesson, learn how to use a chulha, and eat, drink, and dance to their beautiful music.

Do you want to try something new? Then try their hookahs (a single multi-stemmed vaporizing device) and shisha (flavored tobacco). Do you know what's even better? You can even use their homemade tobacco.

Buy Souvenirs: Do you want to buy some souvenirs? Then, stop by the local market to pick up some charming handicrafts and regional mementos. And, if you're not in the mood to put out any effort, simply soak in the atmosphere and cultural ecstasies.

Sightseeing: As a bonus, Rusirani offers fantastic sightseeing opportunities. One of the by-lanes will take you to a 9th-century temple surrounded by lovely green woods.

Neelkanth Temple is one of the few attractions in Rusirani that are worth your time after the beautiful cultural immersion.

Spend the night: Do you want a night's stay in Rusirani village? If you stay the night, the family that hosts you throughout the day will also welcome you at night.

Nights in Rusirani entail watching the sunset from the fort walls and gasping in awe as the village comes to life. You'll enjoy the conversations around the fire pit at night. Spending the night in a village household, with no ties to the outside world is incredible in its own right.

Morning brings deeper chats with the host family, vistas from the rooftops, and observing all morning community duties. Following that, you can enjoy a full breakfast while soaking in the goodness of nature. There are around 352 excellent heritage sites in and around the village. You can visit them if you have time.

Rusirani village is a hidden gem, and you must visit it if you're planning a trip to Jaipur. Book a Jaipur Tour package with us to enjoy one of the unique and top tourist attractions of Jaipur. At Jaipur Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, we offer custom made packages to suit your needs and budget. Please fill the Contact Us form to keep in touch with us.

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